Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yeah!! My internet is back!!!

I knew what the problem was all along! Did anyone listen to me? NO!! Was I right? YEP!!! I guess I have the rep for being blonde and not knowing much about computers so when I said it was the cable no one listened! After several days of being on the phone FOREVER, the husband says, "I think I will replace the cable and make sure it isn't THAT before I ship the computer off to HP."
To which I sweetly replied, "OK honey whatever you think." (Later I rubbed it in a little that I was right!)

I am just glad to have it back! Now on to things that really matter!!

Christmas is 3 days away!!! Aah!! I still need to go shopping for stocking stuffers, and food, the kids have a show Christmas Eve with a party afterwards! Ashley and Ray will be coming over Christmas Day!! So much to do so little time!! Daphne and Jessica dipped chocolates today, Camilla made Christmas cookies and decorated them. The boys helped dad fix the computer! I took a nap and coughed alot!! Why must colds hit during the Holidays? Actually putting it all here makes it seem not so overwhelming!! Maybe I will stop for a massage in the mall tomorrow! Oh wait I still haven't gotten Brent a gift 'sigh'!! Well I guess that will be at the top of my to do list tomorrow!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!!
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