Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love couponing (and so do my kids)

This is my latest purchase. My 12 year old daughter went with me so that we could have 2 carts. The only thing in the picture that I did not have a coupon for was the stir fry veggies, but they were on sale. Any guesses on how much all of this cost? (Wish I had a good prize to give away about now).
I spent a total of $26.37. My total savings after coupons, and store card savings was $35.37. I know it isn't extreme couponing material, but I was excited.

Here is a little breakdown of what I 'didn't' spend.
Sweet n Sour Sauce up front--FREE
Ricola Cough Drops---FREE
Chinet Napkins---$0.35 (give or take a cent or two)
Cereal $1 a box (I think, I have a hard time figuring out what coupon went where on the reciept)
The rest was a savings of about 50%.

The fun part was seeing my 12 year old getting excited about how much she was going to save on her purchase. The Cashier was even cool about me splitting up the order. He got a kick out of my daughter getting excited as did the customers in line behind us.

Get some great coupons and make a difference

Check out recycle bank for some great coupons when you commit to recycling and telling others about the site.

Recyclebank encourages recycling through sponsors by awarding points for participating in recycling. Most points are easily earned and can then be spent on such things as coupons for great discounts on products that are recycling friendly.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

History Program I am looking at for my kids

I am looking at this History curriculum for my High Schoolers. I am nervous about buying curriculum without actually putting my hands on it. Have any of you readers used this book? Do you like it?

2011 is here and Already I am busier than ever

So far the weather in Oklahoma has been good to us, a little cool but we aren't iced in......yet!

I found a really nice website for handcrafted jewelry that everyone should check out There are some lovely pieces here and such a wonderful person to deal with. Give her some business!

I started coaching gymnastics. I feel like a little girl again! The one sport I always wanted to do when I was a kid and I am coaching it now! Wow! I am excited, because next year I might get to coach the level 2 competitive team. That is exciting!! I get a GREAT workout about 3 days a week also! Think lifting kids over your head about 30 times in an hour for 3-4 hours at a time!! Oh yeah THAT is a workout!! Vault and beam are less of a workout than bars and floor so I try to give myself a short rest between the tough workouts! I am also getting a little flexibility back. I stretch 3-4 times on the nights I am coaching, seeing as I have that many classes. I have also been using the chin up bar at home. Don't get me wrong, when I do it the CHIN up bar magically turns into a HAIR up bar, because I am lucky to get my hair to touch the bar (good thing big hair is back in style)!

If you haven't already check out my etsy page
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