Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's is right around the corner!!

Christmas was wonderful at our house!! We enjoyed time together and good food. When the evening hit we read about the birth of Christ and took some time to reflect! Great times make wonderful memories!

I received one item for Christmas that I am really excited about and just had to share. This book is wonderful!! Yes Team365 there is a recipe for Men's aftershave!! I will look it up for you!! My girls' received 2 kits for making their own mineral make up. One is just for eyeshadow the other is for everything except, eyeliner, mascara, and lip products. We are really excited about digging into some of the recipes and trying this out. If you would like to see the kits the girls received look at this link . I bought the EZ Eyeshadow Kit and the Mineral Make Up Kit. From the reviews, we should be set on eyeshadow for a very long time!!

Every year we work very hard to make sure the kids' gifts are things that will make them better people and/or develop their talents. Just as the Wisemen brought the infant Jesus useful herbs and oils. We try to do the same. My useful gift this year was bags for my midwifery supplies (I am sure that was partly because my husband is tired of kicking around my supplies all over our room and bathroom). I am excited to get those things organized!!

As we are heading into the New Year I am finding myself looking seriously at my goals and intentions for 2011. We will see some growth and changes in our family this year. We have one getting ready to start college, one starting the youth program at church, one getting baptized and one that will start driving. In the middle of all of that I will be learning what preteen boys need emotionally, spiritually and physically to keep them out of trouble. It seems time flies!! I am sooo not ready to not have babies but it looks like it is to late for that, they are all big kids now!! Besides the $1 a day challenge, I am working on midwifery studies, getting a child graduated from homeschooling, preparing 2 children to start high school in the next 2-3 years, and tutoring a very reluctant reader. I am going to learn to make my own cosmetics, and I have an idea for a book (which is really low on my list actually). I am hoping to keep my blog updated at the very least weekly. Wow, that seems like a lot!! I am so thankful for the 2 young adult girls I have to help out with carting kids around and other projects.

I sure hope that the Holidays were wonderful for everyone and that as the last days of 2010 draw to a close you find yourself counting blessings, successes and memories of the year and that you have many more to look forward to in 2011.
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