Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time Out for Women Shoe (ahem!) Link party

I thought I would get in on this little link party. It seemed like a pretty good journaling topic---Shoes! Not literally, but rather the many shoes we wear and why and how they fit us. I laughed!! Really? I HAVE to wear shoes!!! My favortie pair of shoes are my rope sandals. I have been known to wear them to church even (hey if the shoe fits wear it!) I have many pairs of you shoes. If you look in my closet you will find high heels, low heels, flip flops, tennis shoes (running shoes to be exact--but don't let that fool you), dance shoes, western boots, dressy boots, sandals, did I say flip flops, dressy sandles, every day sandals. Judging by my closet I guess you would think that maybe I am a woman of many talents. How do these shoes fit into my life?

Let's start with my favorite rope sandals. Casual, comfortable, almost like going barefoot with protection for the bottom of my feet. I garden in them, wear them to coach gymnastics or pair them with a simple skirt and tshirt (my favorite clothing). They are a little hippie and just plain easy and relaxed. (Maybe I need to wear them more often!) My rope sandles are even a little different almost a little rebelious, a go against the flow kinda thing to wear. They don't require much thought. When I need to make a mad dash my rope sandles are the first thing I think to throw on. They are ready at a moments notice. I have 2 pairs of rope sandles. I have to put my several pairs of rope sandals in the same category. It seems that my rope sandals and flip flops are my mom shoes.

My next favorite are my western boots. I mostly wear them when we go dancing. They seem to be my date night shoes and they were a Christmas gift from my husband. Well that explains it! It seems they have some eternal meaning. They will never go out of style and I get to dance with my husband in them. They are my wife shoes--haha!

My high heels are my dressiest shoes. I really don't wear them much, but occasionally I like to get dressed up and walk in heels. Something about heels makes me feel girlie, like playing dress as a little girl. I guess they are my me shoes. (I have 3 pair by the way!)

Then there are the tennis shoes (remember I said they are my running shoes). I would have to include my Dr. Marten mary janes, and my Mudd calic mary janes with these. When I am running kids, errands or meeting with midwives or midwifery clients these are the shoes that you will see me in. Comfortable, durable, supportive, and easy to run in. I think these activities are the ones that I feel like I need the most support with, thus the reason for supportive shoes.

I love shoes, always have. I would have a closet full if I could. My shoes are many as are my interests and activities.