Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Staying motivated

I came across a blog this morning and thought I would share it here. The blogger does a great job of detailing her thoughts on becoming comfortable in your own skin (really comfortable). Here is her post hope you enjoy it as much as I did


Years ago I signed up for ediets. I was part of an online community that played the weightloss game together. One of the things that we had to do was set goals and rewards for achieving those goals. I was thinking that I should do that again just to keep myself motivated. Below you can see my goals and rewards. I am terrible about actually getting the rewards for myself because I will end up giving it all to my kids instead.

230 lbs  a pretty hair accessory
220 lbs  a new shirt
200 lbs  a pedicure
190 lbs  a new pair of jeans
180 lbs  a new piece of jewelry
170 lbs  a new hair cut
160 lbs  a CD or movie
150 lbs  a book
130 lbs kayaking with my hubby

So there it is my weightloss goals and rewards. I am bound and determined to make this happen this time around!! So far I am doing ok not stellar but ok! I really wish the pounds would come off a little more consistently instead of up and down a 1/2 to a pound, but I can't complain.

The last few days I have had a really annoying headache that I can't seem to shake. Yesterday I gave into it and bought a Pepsi that I sipped on through the day--that helped a lot. I need to go get some excedrin I think so that I have something to take for the headaches.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am taking the plunge

A few years ago I found out about Dr. Li in Augusta, GA. He runs a weight loss clinic which uses Chinese herbs along with diet changes as a weight loss program. I signed up and lost quite a bit of weight. I discontinued the program for some strange reason, money, laziness or who knows what got in the way. A days ago my husband and I were discussing our diet and nutrition and came to the decision that I needed to give Dr. Li a call. I placed my order on Saturday and received my herbs on Monday. I was excited to get them so quickly.

 Don't let the bags overwhelm you it really is quite simple to use the herbs. Each little bag is one day's serving of herbs. You simply simmer the herbs in 30 oz of water until you have reduced to about 10 oz, strain off herbs, decant and refrigerate. I went ahead and did three days worth at once, because with my midwifery apprenticeship I need to have some ready to go with me at a moment's notice. I take 4oz mid morning again mid afternoon and then 2oz before bed. Really very easy. There are also water pills that I take with my mid morning dose. Oh yeah there is also lots of water to drink.

Now before you start thinking I am doing some crazy diet let me tell you about Dr. Li. In his country he was a gastroenterologist. This is not not some cooky herbal guy (not that that would matter to me).

I am letting this serve as my before report to everyone interested. That is me in the pink June 2, 2012. I was every bit of 245 pounds in this picture, I am down to 238 as of this post. I have lost 2 lbs just this week after starting the herbs. I am excited to continue this journey and share it with you.

If you are interested in talking to Dr. Li yourself he will work with you over the phone (I live in Oklahoma) give him a call. His number is 706-210-0991. Mention my name, Alyeen Lim, I am pretty sure it will give you (and me) a few dollars savings on your order. If you do call Dr. Li let me know and share your story with me (I can use all the motivation I can get and a little competition never hurt either).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Community of Mothers

I sat crying as I ate a roast beef sandwich in a sandwich shop while waiting for my third child to take the ACT so that she could finish registering for college classes. Earlier that day I hugged my second child as she and her new husband packed up their things to move an hour and a half away.  How did I get to this point and what happened to my little girls?
I should be able to handle this after all it isn’t my first rodeo. My oldest married 5 years ago. Did I really think the others were never going to grow up? Why didn’t anyone tell me this would hurt my heart so much?  Oh I know they will come home and visit but to not have them around every day is a little more than I can bear at the moment.
The friends I talked to through the day weren’t much help as most don’t have children moving on or maybe just don’t understand my emotionalness, after all don’t we WANT our children to grow up and move out so that we can do the things we have dreamed of doing?  Where is a mother going through the same thing that can sympathize with me? My husband wasn’t much help either. Fathers are too factual I guess.
All this heartache has got me thinking that maybe as women we don’t really spend enough time over tea and crumpets. We are so busy running, teaching, loving and disciplining that we forget that there is another mother, sister, friend that is frustrated with her  11 year old and his lack of thought for others or maybe just needs someone to talk to about that great milestone her 4 year old just reached.  I know I am guilty of being too caught up in my life to stop and take a breath with a friend.
When my babies were still babies a wise grandma told me about the days when the mothers on her block would put their toddlers down for a nap and then take a quiet time on the front porch with a glass of tea. The sight of a woman on her porch was an open invitation to visit and swap stories for just a moment, a break in the day when the stresses of motherhood could be shared and tears and laughter swapped. What have we done with those days? I am sure under all the skinny clothes and baby memories in the back of my closet there is a tea pot with matching cups just waiting to be used again, to once again be the bond between friends and the stress reliever of the day.
In our busy lives we have lost our sense of community. The time long lost when women lifted each other up, swapped recipes and took chicken noodle soup to the mom down the street who had the flu. Grandmas told stories about being young mothers and young mothers called their grandma for advice and support.   
When is the last time you invited a friend over for tea, had a lunch date, or just stopped to call a friend for a much needed chat? I know me too!
This is my commitment to mothers everywhere—I may not have been through what you are going through, but I have a mother’s heart. Whatever your pain, it’s my pain also. I will be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear you laugh, and cheerleader when you need someone to celebrate with. My teapot will always be full, and my teacups will always be clean and ready to share with you. When I bring you a casserole when you are sick or have had a baby I will stop and listen to your story of happiness, misery or anything in between. I will be your friend, your sister and not just another mother.