Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 in the rear view mirror

Sweet and simple

Brent--Started a new job in January. In December his responsibilities changed--I think they like him!!

Alyeen--Gymnastics, Dance, Homeschooling, Wedding #3, New grandbaby, and another grandbaby on the way

Ashley--Baby number 3 came feet first, the midwife didn't make it AGAIN (that would be me) so aunties took care of everything! Ray started working at the State Deaf School. The babies are getting so big! RayLee is 6, Charlie is 3 she fell off a chair and broke her collar bone this year, Grace is 1 on Jan 3

Daphne--Is pregnant!!!! She has been busy putting her hubby through school and coaching gymnastics. Andrew graduates in May, baby is due in May!

Jessica--Married!! She is competing for her final year in Gymnastics. An Injury sidelined her about half way through the season last year and kept her out. She decided to go one more year just so she could have the satisfaction of completing the season and work on some unfinished goals. Austin started working at Halliburton 2 weeks ago.

Camilla---Dancing her heart out! She has her first job working the front desk at the dance studio 2 afternoons a week and between dance classes. She also student teaches dance to help cover her dance tuition! She is in love with ballet and looking for ways to perfect her technique outside the studio. She is also taking a tumbling class so she can tumble in dance numbers for competition.

Nathaniel--Chemistry is his thing this year! Mixing, watching reactions, making things go boom! He is taller than all of us (not a huge accomplishment in this family really) and really enjoys being and uncle. He is a gentleman, except when he is picking on me! He and his daddy have some deep conversations that the rest of us do not understand. On of these days we will teach them English!  Nate is preparing for a Pre Engineering school in a few years he stays pretty busy with his studies (most of the time)!

Daniel--Gymnastics is his thing!! He is in the process of making a mushroom to workout on at home. His rings stay at the gym most of the time because the boys program has grown to include little boys that need rings low. (I coach the boys' classes now--and love it!) Three times this past year he has had the opportunity to watch the OU Men. Once at a meet for his birthday, and twice at the OU gym. He is excited to meet his new nephew in May! (Did I say Daphne is having a boy?)

My how we have grown!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

In Case you haven't noticed.......

It has been a while since I last posted!

Since December of 2013 my life has consisted of

New Granddaughter
25 years of marriage
A Carribean Cruise
An allergic reaction to a yellow jacket
A trip to the ER
2 new epi pens for the 13 year old
An engagement
A wedding for daughter #3
An announcement of daughter #2 having a baby
A new son-in-law moving in
Renewing my nutritional goals
AND Gymnastics

To say that I have had a busy year is pretty much an under statement, but it has been a GREAT year with lots of good news and fun events!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 The year in Review

I thought I would do a Christmas letter here this year! I know lame right?  I am too lazy to get Christmas cards in the mail so this will have to do!!

Brent--Working hard as ever, designing equipment for the oilfield. That is what he does! He did try his hand at mixed martial arts and broke a board with his bare hands, but he didn't much like the contact part and claimed he was too old to fight with other people.

Ashley-- Ray and Ashley bought a new house on 15 acres and have big plans for their property. Charlie girl turned 2, yes 2, I mean 2--but we still love her cute little smile and all those curls! RayLee turned 5 and is learning her letters. She goes to Mamaw's house once a week to spend the night and do school. We are expecting grandbaby number 3 in January!

Daphne--Lives in Oklahoma City with her hubby Andrew. Daphne coaches gymnastics and says she has plenty of kids at the gym and doesn't need any of her own. She has something like 100 she told me one time! Andrew is finishing up an engineering degree at OU. I think we will all be glad when he is done!! Daphne still sings when she cans and is hoping to be on stage more in the near future. Andrew made his debut and sang a duet with Daphne and also played his guitar--they are amazing together!

Jessica--Is still competing in gymnastics and coaching and working as a personal assistant. She took a psychology class at the local college in the fall, made an A and seemed to really enjoy the class! It looks like she will be sending a missionary off in 2014 and trying to stay busy with school, gym and work while she waits for him to serve for 2 years.

Camilla- Got her first pair of point shoes this year. She is on the performance company at her dance studio and is student teaching 2 dance classes. She loves dance and looks for every opportunity to pick up another dance class or experience!

Nathaniel- He is 12! He is turning into quite the young man! We refer to him as our family techy. He loves his electronics, computers, robots, creating, making smoke bombs (yes making them in MY kitchen--but I let him because I love him and want to be present so that I can witness any major explosions!) Engineering is in his future, or maybe chemistry or electronics or computer programming--who knows!! He did mixed martial arts with his dad but they had the same complaint--neither one of them are fighters but they enjoyed the technicalities of it and both advanced fairly quickly.

Daniel--Mr. Heavenly Father made my body for gymnastics is competing gymnastics for his 2nd year and loving it! He only wishes there were a couple more boys on the team. (Right now there are only 2). I noticed the other day that he has developed quite the muscles in his arms. I think he might be growing up just a little.

Alyeen--Discontinued her midwifery apprenticeship earlier in the year thinking she needed to spend more time with the kids. Not long after the school year started a family contacted us about homeschooling their 12 and 14 year olds, not long after that she added a 15 year old and then another 14 year old. She has since lost one of those students at the moment she is homeschooling 6 kids and loving every minute of it! She is also going through hormone treatments about every 4 months that have made a huge difference in her health and though the treatments are somewhat invasive. She is coaching gymnastics to help pay for the kids' activities and loves it as well!

Next year will bring Brent and Alyeen's 25th anniversary and an adventure at sea for them. The rest of the family will be carrying on as usual except for the big party they are planning for their Mama and Daddy in May! (Hope you can come!)

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I never thought I would be the person that would do a juice fast. A friend of mine introduced me to juicing about 15 years ago and I bought a juicer (a Champion) and tried a few things but never really got into it. 
 I kept the juicer and every so often I would juice up some produce but never made a commitment to juicing every day much less eating nothing else but juice. Then I came across a video called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I watched it on YouTube but the connection was wonky and I didn't get to see the last 30-45 minutes of it. I finally got back to the last part and thought that maybe juicing as a supplement to my efforts of eating a raw diet seemed like a pretty good idea. I juiced a little and enjoyed it. My husband thought it was kinda silly that I wouldn't eat the whole fruit or vegetable, but he drank the juice and was semi supportive of the idea. I sat him down and had him watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and now he is completely on board. He is now using juice as a supplement to his diet because he is afraid of losing anymore weight because he is already almost too thin. I am juicing for all of my meals right now and plan to do so for at least 30 days and maybe longer. 

Sunday evening, after watching the video with my husband, we juiced everything we had in the refrigerator. I drank it all yesterday. I won't lie, I was miserable yesterday evening. I was so hungry I could have eaten anything and everything you put in front of me. I stopped by the grocery store after coaching gymnastics to get more produce and had to psych myself up just to walk in the store. I survived the first day, barely!! 

Here is the run down so far
Sunday I drank juice for dinner that morning I weighed 230
Monday I juiced all day that morning I weighed 228.5 Monday evening I was 229 (that is huge because usually at night I have gained at least 5 lbs sometimes up to 10 during the day)
Tuesday I stepped on the scale in the morning and I was 226.5

I am amazed! I am in for the long haul! If you would like to join me let me know!

Check out and click on forums for support and encouragement from others juicing! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The second week of the school year

I enjoy home schooling more and more each year! My youngest three are getting older and more fun, I am doing things with them that I only dreamed of doing with my older kids and I am having fun with them. (Sorry Ash, Daph, and Jess!) I have added 2 more kids to the mix that is just going to make it even more fun, a 12 year old and 14 year old. They are working together to learn and helping each other stay focused and motivated. It is a blessing to have them with us everyday.

I was lucky to get this picture, silly boy does not like his picture taken!

Today we will be playing a game called Rummy Roots. I have had this game since my oldest was about 13 (she is 23 now) and haven't played it much because the little kids were always needing something or in the middle of the game. Now we can play with no interruptions!

My 10 year old is learning Spanish this year and I can actually take the time to study with him and help him with his workbook pages!

I am anticipating a fantastic year ahead of us!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New things happening today

My teenage daughter and her friend just started their first Etsy Shop. Take a minute and take a look. They will be adding more products this week so make sure you come back often to see what kind of new things they are coming up with.
Madkitty Designs

Eating Raw is easy, Changing isn't

I fell off the band wagon but I have climbed back on! I am determined to go 100% raw for at least 30 days! So far it feels like it has been a long difficult process. I buy produce, run out of grocery money, run out of produce and have to wait until the next pay day. Then the cycle starts over--UGH! It seems that this is a new balancing act. Then there are the foods that are staring you in the face but the kids aren't willing to change as much as I am. They are eating more healthy foods and helping me juice so it has been good for the whole family, but they still love their mac and cheese and other stuff that I am swearing off completely!

My ultimate goal is to do a juice fast for a couple of weeks! Anybody want to join me?

I came across a website today Cleanse America . I am really wanting to do this, but with the way I have been going I will need that $25 it costs to register to buy produce! I am feeling very inspired by all those that are involved and committed to eating raw foods. It is amazing to me that so many people recognize that our food can either kill us or heal us.