Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 more days

Christmas is on the way!! Are you ready? I think I am! I guess at this point I have to be!

I was on my email and recieved an email on one of my lists about feeding your family for $1 a day per person. That got me thinking so I read on and found out that it is a challenge for the new year. I think I am in!! I like this idea! I am doing a little research and I am getting a plan together. Check out this blog
Jan has some great ideas and awesome goals for the next year.  In fact she just emailed me some information on square foot gardening and lasagna gardening. I can't wait to dig into that a little more!

I love the New Year! I love setting goals and working on them. Sometimes I get a little over zealous and have some goals go undone or added to the following year's list. What are your goals for next year?
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