Friday, December 10, 2010

3 days and I am on a roll!!

This is the third day that I have posted!! Can we say writers block? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I didn't sleep much and it is 7am?

My 17 year old made an awesome dinner last night. Chicken spaghetti--yum. She said that she will get me the recipe so I can post it. Maybe I will have her post it later today!

I am off in just a bit to conquer the Christmas list. My coupons are printed, lists made and I am ready to go (after I take the curlers out of my hair). I am excited to spend the day with a friend shopping and having a great time. It isn't often I get to go shopping for something other than groceries and the essentials.

I have been coaching gymnastics the last couple of weeks and having a blast with it (it helps pay for my 15 year old's tuition also)! The kids are fun and most of them are pretty good! There are the few that insist on making you thankful for your own children though!!! Last night I had some of both but the funnest one was a little girl about 4. We were stretching, sitting on the floor with feet in front reaching to our toes. I was calling the stretches while another coach was checking the roll. I said, "Touch your toes, if you can. I can't reach mine." This little girl says, "You can't? I will help you. I will touch them for you." I had to laugh!!

I wish it was that easy! You touch my toes, I'll touch yours and we will all be physically fit and have lots of friends!
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