Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a week!!

I am sitting at my computer hoping I can last long enough to write one post. On Monday I was truckin' through my day. The kids had their schoolwork done and I was gathering canning supplies to take to a friend's house. We were going to can apples and pears. I had located a box of canning jars and was just ready to pick them up when my hips went out. I was not in the mood! I called a friend and went and laid on her massage table with jade rollers and far infrared heat. Then it hit me--I couldn't get up. My oldest daughter and my friend had to help me get off the bed! I have spent the rest of the week lying around with ice packs and pillows propping me up. I did call a chiropractor friend Monday night and he came over to the house to give me an adjustment. That helped some but I had too much inflammation for it to give 100% relief. I will probably go see him again on Friday. Needless to say that the canning didn't get done, but I am getting caught up on some reading!

The massage table that I used is from therasage at I love this thing! It works wonders on your everyday tension that builds up in your back. And though it didn't give instant relief, last night I used it again and found some more relief. If I could afford one I would be laying on it several times a day right now!

I do hope everyone is having a better week than I am!!
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