Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shhhh, Mom's studying

I have registered for a Midwifery School and I am having great fun taking my study time once we get through the kids' school assignments everyday! I am also thinking that maybe me taking a study hour is also helping to motivate the kids in their schoolwork.

In the midst of my studies I have gone on a hunt for easy to use curriculum and have found, through Internet searches and talking to friends, some really great resources to make my life a little easier.

A dear friend of mine told me about This website connects homeschoolers to curriculum companies and offers discounts to home schooling families much like the school systems get from companies. Through the co-op I purchased an online phonics program called Explode The Code Online for my reluctant reader. We have used Explode the Code workbooks for many years so this was a no brainer when I found the online version!! My reluctant reader is finding that the computer doesn't really care if he whines about reading and I have had some stress and worry taken off of me. As my friend Jaimie said "It is worth the money just to not have the stress of the kids fighting you to read."  I love this program!

Home school Buyers Co-op also offers freebies that are pretty impressive. You just need to check it out--you won't be sorry!!
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