Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Gardening

Not that I know very much about gardening, some years I get lucky and other years I don't! I am determined, however to have a garden in order to save money on my grocery bill!!

This Spring the grass kicked my behind!! I don't think any amount of weeding would have gotten rid of it all! I found myself writing a Rodney Dangerfield movie in my head about a gardener that was less than successful. Picture this, a man stands guard over his garden day and night a spray bottle in one hand and a hoe or rake in the other. He is ready to pounce at the first sight of a weed. In his mind taking even the shortest break would be the end of his garden. (I hope no screen writes are reading this, because I would hate to lose the royalties on this one!)

You get the idea I'm sure! Well I came across a book called All New Square Foot Gardening (choirs of angels sang) I knew I had found my answer! 

What? You never heard of square foot gardening? Oh, honey, let me tell you!! You make a simple raised bed (bricks, railroad ties, whatever works for you), fill it with Mel Bartholomew's special soil mix that is easily made by mixing several thing found at your local nursery, lay down a ground cover (the kind that keeps weeds out mwahahaha--oh sorry) then put your 'garden' sides on top of the ground cover and fill with the soil mixture. Divide your 'garden' into square foot sections and start planting. Ok there are a few more details but that really is the basics of the square foot garden.

The book is easy to read and really you can skim it and get a pretty good idea how to do it! Now get busy, if it is too late in your area for a fall garden then get started for spring. Go check these books out on Amazon!! You won't be sorry (but your weeds might be)!!!
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