Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinking out loud about birth mostly

I was part of a study group tonight whose study topic for the night was Childbirth Class Options. During our conversation this website came up
Click here to visit
I had to take a peek! Wow, what a great resource this website is! If you are pregnant, plan to be or are just a birth junkie like me you have to visit this website. Catherine Beier, CBE has done a fabulous job putting together a very comprehensive site regarding natural childbirth. You will find everything from Childbirth Classes, to birth videos, even a newsletter and study room (womb as she coins it) to talk to other moms or get your questions answered by birth professionals. I must say that I am in awe at the information on this website!! Just go look, really, go look!! As a midwifery student I am excited to get to see some birth videos and I may even sign up for Catherine's childbirth class to fulfill some of my study requirements! Okay enough gushing over that!! I have another site that I just learned about tonight! This one is on a slightly different topic--reflexology. I have been a reflexologist for about 10-15 years now! I love the work, when it comes around. I received an email about a new online reflexology course. This site offers a very affordable way to learn reflexology, whether it is for your own use or to receive a certificate. Go check them out I wish I could say that I have experienced their curriculum, but just looking at the website it looks quite intriguing! I hope that you enjoy learning about some of my favorite subjects! Of course if you are in my area and you need a good foot rub or any childbirth related questions you can always call. I love to talk shop!!
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