Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Second week of school--Entrepreneurship for kids

We are starting our second week of the school year with an addition to our adventures! We are adding two students to our day a girl age 14 and boy age 12. They are friends of the family and we are all excited about the addition and adventures that should ensue throughout this year.

With extra students my head is swimming with ideas. I want the kids to put together a business this year and give entrepreneurship a try. I have some ideas floating around in my head but I want them to be the brains (and brawn) behind the whole idea! I am thinking we will spend much of the week brainstorming and planning.

I keep thinking about a book I bought for my oldest daughter about 10 years ago called Better Than a Lemonade Stand.
When I looked on Amazon to get this picture I was surprised to see several other books dedicated to kids and entrepreneurship. There really isn't a reason that the kids won't be able to come up with something to build a little business around there is definitely no lack of education in the area of kids starting businesses. Check back often for updates on the what they are deciding to do!
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