Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Fall Plans and School is back in Session

We started school this week and have settled in nicely! Today is a field trip day for us so we will be leaving the house in a couple of hours to go to the County Fair! We didn't enter anything this year but I enjoy going and looking around. We always meet new people and see friends that we haven't talked to in a while. Hopefully tomorrow night we will get to go to the rodeo which is always a highlight of the county fair!

I am also working on my plans for my Fall workout this Summer was a little hit and miss. I made sure to stay active but formal workouts were not very consistent. I am thinking that I am going to order the Focus T25 and add it to my regular weightlifting and cardio that I do at the gym. I would love a workout buddy or two so checkout the specials for this month and get your own Focus T25 and follow along with me!

Beachbody August Specials
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