Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I love to journal. This year I have been creating an art journal that is a two page spread showing a calendar for the current month with a few pages following the calendar for me to write my thoughts and an overview of the activities of that month. I used a sketch book that I purchased at WalMart then decorated the cover. The sketch book provides heavy paper that holds up well to all the gluing and glittering I like to do and with a spiral binding it is somewhat expandable. I think I found the idea on Pinterest, but I am not sure. My kids like to tease me about it whenever I get it out, but then again they tease me about a lot of things.

One of my favorite resources for journaling ideas is Easy Journaling. They have ideas for many forms of journaling including and online journal that is fun and easy to use. Easy Journaling even hosted webinar on journaling that was fantastic and very informative as well as encouraging.

Some other journaling sites that I have enjoyed are

Writing Through Life
Some great articles on journaling here.
Create Write Now

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