Sunday, May 26, 2013

Think about the last few months

I started working out seriously in November 2012. In that time I have reversed my PCOS, and insulin resistance, and quite possibly my endometriosis, all of which was quite encouraging. I have discovered that I have very low testosterone and am presently doing SotoPelle treatments with great success. I have also discovered that I just plain feel better when I take my thyroid medicine even though my TSH levels always come back normal. I have lost a few pounds but not much in the way of weight. I would have to say that my efforts have been for the most part successful and eventually I am sure the weight will have to come off. Over the last week I have been trying to add more protein to my diet at the suggestion of a friend and low and behold I started losing some weight! That is it! I just needed more protein!!

I read a book early on that really was an inspiration to me. It is called Younger Next Year. If you haven't read it you must get it and read it immediately and if you are over 30 definitely do not delay!!
This amazing books talks about the importance of doing daily physical exercise and the impact an active lifestyle has on your life. It is an easy read that is not overwhelming or tedious.

Younger Next Year
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