Saturday, May 25, 2013

Running Behind on the 60 day challenge

I am running a couple of days behind on the 60 day challenge so I am going to try to play catch up today and tomorrow.

I joined a weightloss online group awhile ago and hadn't done much with it. Suddenly I have gotten quite a few friends requests so I decided to be a little more active on there. I need all the support and buddies I can get!! The website is and it is totally free. You can find recipes, challenge groups, and teams of people with similar interests. If you are looking for something free to help with your weigthloss journey this could be just the thing you have been looking for.

Make sure to send me a buddy request when you sign up here is my profile page  When you send me a request let me know that you follow my blog, just because it would be fun to know if anyone is reading my posts!

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