Monday, May 20, 2013

Staying Active

I have found that keeping myself active is easier when I am committed to other people. I clog, yep I have started clogging again. I spent the last school year teaching clogging to a group of kids and had a blast. I even had a few adults that started taking class, but in the end it was just my oldest daughter and I that clogged in recital. This is a picture of me and some tappers (not to be confused with clogging) who also happen to be some of my gymnasts taken backstage at recital.
And yes I coach gymnastics. I have two kids Jessica and Daniel that are slightly addicted to flinging their bodies around in the air so I have to support their habit somehow.

Gymnastics keeps me moving and lifting, and throwing kids around several hours a week. Good workout? Yep, I think so! Staying active isn't that hard when you just work to keep up with your kids and they can sure give a good workout! We went hiking in the Wichita Mountains and even the grandkids were giving me a run for my money.

Recently two of my daughters and I did a Color Me Rad run. That was a lot of fun and just fueled my addiction to 5k runs.

Oh I guess I should add that I dance because I have a dancer in the family. She is the blonde one on the left.

I set out on an adventure to get myself in shape and I am finding little things everyday that keep me moving above and beyond my workouts. The process so far has been very slow but at least it is steady not to mention fun!
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