Thursday, May 30, 2013

Give away and Detox Wraps

Have you heard about the detox wraps? They are expensive!!! My girls and I are playing with some homemade ideas tonight. I will keep you posted maybe even take some pictures. I made some lotion to use with the wraps. Here is what I did. (Sorry I don't measure anything so I know it will be difficult for some of you to duplicate).

I melted together

a little beeswax
coconut oil
some honey

When that was melted I added
vitamin E oil (about half a bottle)
lavender oil
lemon oil
peppermont oil

I poured this mixture into my blender and then slowly added
about 1 cup of detox tea
about 1 cup of green tea  (both were previously brewed)

I am thinking that we can use this as a lotion and/or add a little epsom salt to some for a scrub.

We have some great ideas for the wraps but I will save that for a later post (just to keep you in suspense)!

While you are anxiously waiting for more go check out this give away for a blendtec blender
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