Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 in the rear view mirror

Sweet and simple

Brent--Started a new job in January. In December his responsibilities changed--I think they like him!!

Alyeen--Gymnastics, Dance, Homeschooling, Wedding #3, New grandbaby, and another grandbaby on the way

Ashley--Baby number 3 came feet first, the midwife didn't make it AGAIN (that would be me) so aunties took care of everything! Ray started working at the State Deaf School. The babies are getting so big! RayLee is 6, Charlie is 3 she fell off a chair and broke her collar bone this year, Grace is 1 on Jan 3

Daphne--Is pregnant!!!! She has been busy putting her hubby through school and coaching gymnastics. Andrew graduates in May, baby is due in May!

Jessica--Married!! She is competing for her final year in Gymnastics. An Injury sidelined her about half way through the season last year and kept her out. She decided to go one more year just so she could have the satisfaction of completing the season and work on some unfinished goals. Austin started working at Halliburton 2 weeks ago.

Camilla---Dancing her heart out! She has her first job working the front desk at the dance studio 2 afternoons a week and between dance classes. She also student teaches dance to help cover her dance tuition! She is in love with ballet and looking for ways to perfect her technique outside the studio. She is also taking a tumbling class so she can tumble in dance numbers for competition.

Nathaniel--Chemistry is his thing this year! Mixing, watching reactions, making things go boom! He is taller than all of us (not a huge accomplishment in this family really) and really enjoys being and uncle. He is a gentleman, except when he is picking on me! He and his daddy have some deep conversations that the rest of us do not understand. On of these days we will teach them English!  Nate is preparing for a Pre Engineering school in a few years he stays pretty busy with his studies (most of the time)!

Daniel--Gymnastics is his thing!! He is in the process of making a mushroom to workout on at home. His rings stay at the gym most of the time because the boys program has grown to include little boys that need rings low. (I coach the boys' classes now--and love it!) Three times this past year he has had the opportunity to watch the OU Men. Once at a meet for his birthday, and twice at the OU gym. He is excited to meet his new nephew in May! (Did I say Daphne is having a boy?)

My how we have grown!!

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