Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 The year in Review

I thought I would do a Christmas letter here this year! I know lame right?  I am too lazy to get Christmas cards in the mail so this will have to do!!

Brent--Working hard as ever, designing equipment for the oilfield. That is what he does! He did try his hand at mixed martial arts and broke a board with his bare hands, but he didn't much like the contact part and claimed he was too old to fight with other people.

Ashley-- Ray and Ashley bought a new house on 15 acres and have big plans for their property. Charlie girl turned 2, yes 2, I mean 2--but we still love her cute little smile and all those curls! RayLee turned 5 and is learning her letters. She goes to Mamaw's house once a week to spend the night and do school. We are expecting grandbaby number 3 in January!

Daphne--Lives in Oklahoma City with her hubby Andrew. Daphne coaches gymnastics and says she has plenty of kids at the gym and doesn't need any of her own. She has something like 100 she told me one time! Andrew is finishing up an engineering degree at OU. I think we will all be glad when he is done!! Daphne still sings when she cans and is hoping to be on stage more in the near future. Andrew made his debut and sang a duet with Daphne and also played his guitar--they are amazing together!

Jessica--Is still competing in gymnastics and coaching and working as a personal assistant. She took a psychology class at the local college in the fall, made an A and seemed to really enjoy the class! It looks like she will be sending a missionary off in 2014 and trying to stay busy with school, gym and work while she waits for him to serve for 2 years.

Camilla- Got her first pair of point shoes this year. She is on the performance company at her dance studio and is student teaching 2 dance classes. She loves dance and looks for every opportunity to pick up another dance class or experience!

Nathaniel- He is 12! He is turning into quite the young man! We refer to him as our family techy. He loves his electronics, computers, robots, creating, making smoke bombs (yes making them in MY kitchen--but I let him because I love him and want to be present so that I can witness any major explosions!) Engineering is in his future, or maybe chemistry or electronics or computer programming--who knows!! He did mixed martial arts with his dad but they had the same complaint--neither one of them are fighters but they enjoyed the technicalities of it and both advanced fairly quickly.

Daniel--Mr. Heavenly Father made my body for gymnastics is competing gymnastics for his 2nd year and loving it! He only wishes there were a couple more boys on the team. (Right now there are only 2). I noticed the other day that he has developed quite the muscles in his arms. I think he might be growing up just a little.

Alyeen--Discontinued her midwifery apprenticeship earlier in the year thinking she needed to spend more time with the kids. Not long after the school year started a family contacted us about homeschooling their 12 and 14 year olds, not long after that she added a 15 year old and then another 14 year old. She has since lost one of those students at the moment she is homeschooling 6 kids and loving every minute of it! She is also going through hormone treatments about every 4 months that have made a huge difference in her health and though the treatments are somewhat invasive. She is coaching gymnastics to help pay for the kids' activities and loves it as well!

Next year will bring Brent and Alyeen's 25th anniversary and an adventure at sea for them. The rest of the family will be carrying on as usual except for the big party they are planning for their Mama and Daddy in May! (Hope you can come!)

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
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