Saturday, April 6, 2013

Today was the big day!! Back in November we signed up for a Dirty Girl Mud Run and the day finally came! We woke up early and got on the road by 6 am, got lost on the way up, then passed the park, got signed in and then the fun began!! Once all 9 of the team members gathered I think we all got excited and the lack of sleep from the night before was no longer on anyone's mind!

This was a 5k with obstacles. Some of us were ready to run, some us walked, but we all had a great time. Our first obstacle didn't look like much from the start line but when we got up to it we all got a little worried. Little did we know there was more where that came from.
This one was scary for me because it was closed in. Luckily it was short and wet and muddy and very cold!
Then there was the mountains and valleys. Unfortunately this area wasn't too muddy!

There was the really tall cargo net mountain that really tested my courage when it comes to heights. I was walking alone when I got to it and a perfect stranger talked me over it! That one was scary!!
Mud Fight!!

I think this wall was more difficult than the huge cargo net mountain to climb physically.
Under the net in the mud!! Did I say there was LOTS of mud?

Waist Deep mud and water!
Finish line in sight--it just didn't seem right to walk so we ran!!
The aftermath!! Shawna had already cleaned up (we were slow). Jocelyn  (in purple) is our cancer survivor! Wish she was old enough to do the course with us!!

The best part of the whole day was watching my youngest daughter and my second daughter just go wholehearted and finish together (long before me) and then seeing my oldest and third daughter stay together when the third could have lapped us all! Gotta love playing with your kids!
The Lim girls!!!!

I can't forget my sister in law who stayed with us slow pokes the whole time!! I have to agree with her on the whole adventure. It really was nice to walk and enjoy the outdoors. We weren't timed, so there was no stress to move fast! 

I accomplished what I set out to do! I made it over, through and under ALL the obstacles!! I feel like superwoman! What an awesome experience!
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