Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can it really be true?

My youngest daughter turned 13 two days ago and THEN my baby brother hit the big 30. But wait, did I say 'baby brother'? Where has the time gone? I am excited to have him staying with us while he gets on his feet and settles into his new job. I am even more excited to have 2 nieces, a nephew, and a sister in law living close by.

Back to my youngest daughter turning 13. How did that happen? My babies aren't really babies anymore. I always thought I would have at least two more but that didn't seem to be in the stars for us. With the kiddos growing up (and the addition of grandchildren) I have been thinking a lot about journaling lately. Not that I am good at it, but I keep thinking that I will be better about it and it keeps getting put on the back burner for some reason. I love the idea of creative journaling and a few years ago I was involved with and doing some of the challenges on there. We were given journaling topics regularly and I did a pretty good job at keeping up with the assignments. I have a couple of 3 ringed binders full of pages that I made, decorated and wrote all over.

I think I need some accountability in the journaling area. Maybe some ideas for topics and a few friends to keep me motivated through the proccess. Anyone up for some fun journaling?
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